Rapid meter record accuracy analysis 


Data Cleaning

Having accurate and reliable data is crucial in the revenue protection business, in which addresses and locations are key to operations.  Due to their complexity, however, databases tend to be laden with imperfections.  This is particularly true with geospatial data, which often contain errors such as addresses that do not match their physical locations.  These incongruencies lead to inefficiencies, safety risks, and wasted resources in an industry that requires the exact opposite.  

At Metroscale Analytics, our citywide thermal imaging processes have equipped us with an ever-growing database of property images, addresses, and locations.  With our advanced mapping capabilities and data-processing power, Metroscale is highly experienced in catching these mistakes and cleaning up the data to ensure that the information you depend on is correct.

Metroscale’s capabilities include:

  • Checking the entire database for inconsistencies
  • Matching addresses with their locations
  • Identifying vacant lots, missing buildings, fake addresses, and other anomalies
  • Verifying buildings that exist in third-party data
  • Correcting geospatial mapping errors in the database

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