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Transformers/Other Sensors

Electrical transformers and power lines are frequently overloaded and then fail due to a variety of issues that can be detected using thermal imaging. Metroscale’s citywide thermal imaging and electrical hot-spot detection analysis can help to detect:

  • End of life and failing electrical components
  • Improper installation of electrical components
  • Bad connections

Our standard thermal imaging system sees faulty street level and many pole-mounted transformers, power line cables and other electrical components. Metroscale offers our electrical hot spot analysis package for both our standard imaging systems and when supplementary thermal imaging sensors are deployed.

Supplementary sensors: pole mounted transformers, gas leak detection, manhole inspection

We sometimes integrate additional sensors into our standard imaging programs to more accurately map specific parameters or to help track non-thermal parameters such as gas leaks for our utility customers.

Supplementary sensors can include:

  • Power line targeted thermal imager
    • Power line and focused pole mounted transformer inspection
  • Methane detectors
    • Gas pipeline losses and map gas leaks as our vehicle maps the city streets
  • Down facing thermal imager
    • Manhole and other abnormal heating in city streets


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