Rapid meter record accuracy analysis 


Utility-scale Analytics

At Metroscale Analytics, we are focused on acquiring, analyzing, and interpreting thermal, demographic, energy efficiency, marketing and geographic data sources across cities and countries. Our data analysis optimizes and drives urban scale utility programs ranging from revenue protection to energy efficiency marketing programs.

Meter and Billing Record Validation

Metroscale Analytics is saving millions of dollars for our utility customers by quickly analyzing meters in a utility territory to ensure that they are recorded accurately in billing and operations management systems. Smart meter implementations eliminated meter readers and meter checks. Just like meter readers did before, Metroscale can identify if the meter records do not match the status of the meters. However, Metroscale can do it in a fraction of the time through its technology.

Delivering Results

The team at Metroscale Analytics understands that having great technology is not enough to drive business and environmental results. We integrate great technology with smart marketing and insightful analytics to activate results.

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